Wellness and energy for mind, body, and soul…

We are more than happy to make arrangements for the masseuse to visit and treat you in-house.

By appointment +43 676 62 46 954 Christian Mayerhofer

Relaxation massage

ca. 50 min
Light, classic massage, which provides well-being and relaxation for the whole body. 

Full and partial body massage

ca. 40/20 min
Massage to relieve tension and relax your muscles.

Lymph drainage for the body

ca. 30 min
Gentle, fluid, pumping massage techniques to detoxify and remove blockages in the body. It has a soothing effect and removes excess fluid accumulation in tissue.

Foot reflexology massage

ca. 20 min
Treatment of the entire body through the feet, in order to identify weak points and treat them if necessary.

Cosmetics & foot care

Appointments: Waltraud Leitner Tel.: +43 650 42 70 220 or Elysium +43 664 557 07 31

Foot care

ca. 40 min
Relieves pain and provides a well-pedicured look! Foot bath, nail trim, removal of calluses, corns and ingrown toenails. Foot balm.


ca. 30 min
Nail shaping, cuticle removal, nail care oil, and hand cream